• Campaigns

    Current Campaign: Peace: Find it Here (2016-2017) 

    God is at work in North America. He is at work in the hearts of those who know Him and those who are yet to know Him through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The vision of God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS) is to fulfill the Great Commission in North America through Every Believer Sharing, Every Person Hearing by 2020. Resources abound for churches to use, beginning with the “3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide.” Learn how to use this tool here.

    "Find It Here” is a website where the lost can hear or read a gospel message. They can also talk or chat with a believer online through the Evangelism Response Center.

    Currently, we are ready for the 2016-17 campaign, “Peace. Find it Here.” The 2010-13 focus was on attractional, evangelistic events in communities to reach the lost for Christ. GPS during 2014-15 led churches to practice servant evangelism. During the personal evangelism campaign, the lost person and their network will receive the gospel message through existing relationships and by cultivating new ones.

    GPS is a series of bi-annual campaigns that are designed to accomplish two things: 1) help churches build and maintain gospel-centered momentum, and 2) provide opportunities to equip and deploy people in evangelism.

    Year       Campaign       Emphasis  
    2010-11   Hope-Purpose-Peace-Life Find It Here.   Saturation Evangelism
    2012-2013       Hope. Find It Here.   Attractional Events
    2014-2015   Purpose. Find It Here.   Service
    2016-1017     Peace. Find It Here.     Sharing 
    2018-2019   Life. Find It Here.   Start Something
    2020   Hope-Purpose-Peace-Life. Find It Here.   Finish the Task