• Day of Service

    2014 Best impact- Saturday, April 12 or Sunday April 13 

    2015 Best impact – Saturday, March 28 or Sunday March 29 

    A Day of Service event can be held on a designated Saturday or Sunday, or as a weekend event where the church(es) serve on Saturday and celebrate the event on Sunday during the worship time.

    1. Select a project—The project you select should be appropriate for both your community and your participating churches. When selecting your project, it is important to consider the following questions:

    • Does this project meet a felt need in my community?
    • Does this project glorify God while demonstrating His church’s love for the community?
    • Are our church members physically and spiritually able to implement this project?
    • Can this project be completed in one day?
    • Are our resources sufficient and, if not, how do we acquire the resources we lack? (Include human resources in regards to manpower, skills, and leadership capabilities.)

    2. Prepare the churches—Plan far in advance to have time to prepare the hearts of God’s people to not only serve the community, but to also serve alongside and in partnership with sister churches. The following suggestions may prove beneficial:

    • Prepare members spiritually through sermons and small group meetings.
    • Conduct a prayerwalking event prior to the service event where you pick up litter in the community as you walk and pray.
    • Reinforce the concept of relationship through “service connection” by inviting church and community members to serve side-by-side.
    • Redefine the term “worship service” by rephrasing it to “service in worship.” Take members out of the church building to worship by serving the community.

    3. Celebrate the event—Celebrate after the event—You can hold the celebration immediately following the service event at a pre-designated place that is accessible to community members as well as church members. Include all participants, both givers and receivers in the celebration. Make the theme of the celebration Purpose. Find It Here. Or, if you prefer, invite all participants to attend the celebration at one of your participating churches. Choose the option that best suits your churches and community.

    4. Follow up—Make sure to follow up with those who have made professions of faith. Connect them to one of the participating churches and pledge to be intentional about discipling them. Pledge to love with purpose.  

    Project Ideas for Day of Service: 

    • Collect canned food for a local food pantry.
    • Provide ground maintenance for community soccer or baseball fields.
    • Repair school playground equipment.
    • Make over a room in a local school.
    • Collect clothing for a prison transition program, job corps or family-care center.
    • Host a barbeque for local firefighters, police or city maintenance crews.
    • Identify single moms, elderly or shut-ins who need assistance with home, yard or auto maintenance.