• Season of Service (SoS)

    A Season of Service event is one lasting from four to six weeks that might consist of one extensive project or multiple small projects. A Season of Service event requires more meticulous planning and collaboration among participating churches than does a Day of Service event, but could potentially have a greater and more far-reaching impact than the smaller event because of the extended time period:

    • Strong bonds between participants have more time to take root.
    • God’s work is more visible when His people are seen working week-after-week.
    • There is more time to impact and involve more people.
    • More work gets done.

    Follow basically the same steps (except on a grander scale) in preparing to host an SoS event as you would a DoS event. Carefully select your project(s), prepare your churches, implement the event, celebrate the event, and disciple new believers.  

    Project Ideas for Season of Service:

    • Identify the needs of the community.
    • Identify a people group in the community to serve.
    • Adopt your neighborhood and become a House of Hope for four to six weeks.
    • Build a Habitat for Humanity® house.
    • Offer tutoring services for a community school.
    • Work with the local police department to provide youth activities in troubled neighborhoods.
    • Offer help to the homeless, such as medical and dental care, job training, literacy training, computer training, etc.
    • Adopt a firehouse and conduct service events for four to six weeks.
    • Provide school teacher appreciation activities, focusing on a different school each week. (e.g., provide teacher supplies, an appreciation banquet, etc.)
    • Provide home project services for seniors, such as lawn care, wheelchair ramps, paint, light housework, etc.